iKrusher TIK PRO Disposable

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The iKrusher TIK PRO disposable is your ideal companion for quick getaways. Boasting a 0.5ML half gram oil tank, it’s designed for single-use convenience. What sets the TIK PRO apart is its distinct copper center post, a departure from the usual stainless steel. Filling and capping this disposable is a breeze – simply pour in your choice of oil and seal with the mouthpiece using just your thumb. Using the iKrusher TIK PRO couldn’t be simpler: without any buttons, it’s an effortless inhale-to-activate experience. Dive in and savor the simplicity.

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  • Equipped with a robust 350 mAh battery for consistent performance.
  • Convenient 0.5g oil tank capacity.
  • Designed with four in-flow holes for enhanced hits.
  • Delivers a steady 3.6 volts.
  • Simple and user-friendly with inhale activation.
  • Single-use and non-rechargeable for grab-and-go convenience.

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