iKrusher JC 105 Oil Cartridge

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Introducing the iKrusher JC 105 Ceramic Atomizer Oil Cartridge – a fusion of advanced design and versatility. With universal 510 threading, it seamlessly fits most devices, ensuring convenience at your fingertips. Choose between the 0.5g or 1.0g capacity based on your preference. Designed for superior flow, it boasts 2.0mm flow ports for an uncompromised oil intake. And, to top it off? A blend of robust glass tank and a ceramic mouthpiece, ensuring not just durability but also a pure taste experience. Plus, with its refillable feature and easily removable mouthpiece, the iKrusher JC 105 promises endless sessions of pure vaping delight!

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Introducing the iKrusher JC 105 Ceramic Atomizer Oil Cartridge, where sophistication meets versatility. Designed with the iKrusher JC 105 Ceramic Atomizer, this cartridge offers wide compatibility with its universal 510 threading. Available in both 0.5g and 1.0g capacities, it caters to various vaping preferences.

Featuring 1.0mm flow ports, this cartridge ensures optimal oil intake efficiency, delivering a seamless vaping experience. The durable glass tank paired with a ceramic mouthpiece not only ensures longevity but also provides a refined taste sensation with every puff. Additionally, the removable mouthpiece makes refilling the cartridge effortless, promising endless moments of vaping pleasure.


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