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Discover the VFire Pro Vape Starter Kit – the epitome of advanced vaping. Crafted with precision and incorporating state-of-the-art engineering, the VFire Pro offers a premium vaping experience unlike any other. More compact than its previous version, it boasts innovative anti-leak technology for a fuss-free vaping session. Included in the kit is the VFire Pod, renowned for producing rich, dense clouds courtesy of its superior airflow and anti-clogging features. Prioritizing safety, the device comes with over-inhale protection, ensuring no overdraws and prolonging pod longevity.

Thanks to iKonic’s heating technology, you can expect efficient, long-lasting performance. A 350mAh battery powers the device, offering adjustable voltage settings (2.7V Green, 3.4V Blue, 4.3V Red) to cater to every user’s preference. Maintaining the device is simple: avoid battery exposure to extreme temperatures and limit charging to a few hours without overnight sessions. Ensure the pods are debris-free before connecting them to the battery. Experience the elegance and efficiency of the VFire Pro Vape, now available online at VPM. Seize the opportunity to own the VFire Pro, with its groundbreaking anti-leak design and top-tier safety features.

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iKrusher VFire Pro Key Features:

  • A sturdy 350mAh battery for extended and efficient vaping sessions.
  • Innovative ceramic bar coil head ensures exceptional flavor.
  • 3ohm coil crafted for producing smooth and rich vapor.
  • Constructed with aluminum alloy for a durable yet lightweight design.

Package Contents:

  • VFire Pro Rechargeable Device
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Comprehensive User Guide
  • 5ml VFire Pro Pod

Getting Started with VFire Pro:

  1. Remove the silicone cover.
  2. Insert the mouthpiece into the device.
  3. Quickly press the button five times to activate the device.
  4. Press and hold the button while inhaling from the device.
  5. To turn off, rapidly press the button five times.

Cartridge Maintenance Tips: To ensure optimal performance, replace your cartridge when you notice a decrease in vapor production or flavor.


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