XMax Daboo Nectar Collector

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Note: In collaboration with VPM, XMax is excited to present a “Season Special” for the XMax Daboo. Every purchase of a Daboo will not only come with the standard Quartz Coil but, as a highlight of our ongoing Season Special, a complimentary newly-released Daboo Ceramic Coil will also be added to your package!

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Introducing the XMax Daboo, XMax’s top-tier wax vaporizer inspired by nectar collectors. Here are its key features:

  1. Glass Water Bubbler: Provides a cool and refined vapor experience.
  2. Immediate Heat-Up: Enjoy rapid heating for quick sessions.
  3. Two Activation Modes: Choose between Draw Activated (10 seconds) and On-Demand (20 seconds) modes.
  4. Robust 650mAh Battery: Supports numerous sessions on a single charge.
  5. Trio of Voltage Options: Adjust power with three voltage settings.
  6. Contemporary USB-C Charging: Convenient charging with included cable.

Experience the next level of wax vaping with the XMax Daboo.

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