VPM Full Glass Oil Cartridges

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The VPM Brand’s complete glass oil cartridge collection features a ceramic core atomizer, complemented by a glass tank, glass mouthpiece, and glass center airflow post. If you’re craving more glass, perhaps a glass blowing workshop is in order. These all-glass cartridges come in both “AFC” (adjustable airflow control) and “Non-AFC” variants.

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  • Capacities: 5g or 1.0g
  • Adjustable Airflow Control (AFC) with a twistable dial for vapor volume adjustment
  • Non-adjustable Airflow Control (Non-AFC)
  • Ceramic atomizer equipped with two 1.0mm intake holes
  • Optimized for thick oils
  • Delivers great flavor and smooth vapor
  • All-glass components: tank, center post, and mouthpiece
  • Stringent quality control and safety testing
  • 12mm diameter: Not suitable for drop-in style batteries
  • Best paired with pen-style batteries, especially the BKD-900.

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