VPM Full Ceramic Oil Cartridges

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“C” symbolizes “Ceramic!” The VPM Brand’s Full Ceramic cartridge series features a ceramic core atomizer, ceramic central airflow post, and a ceramic mouthpiece. If this isn’t ceramic-centric enough for you, perhaps a pottery class might be in order. These all-ceramic cartridges are crafted for viscous oils, ensuring a flavorful and smooth vapor experience.

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  • Offered in 0.5g or 1.0g capacities (Choose Snap or Twist On)
  • Ceramic atomizer designed with either Two (for Twist-On) or Four (for Press-On) 1.8mm flow ports
  • Optimized for viscous oils
  • Glass tank complemented by entirely ceramic internals and a ceramic mouthpiece
  • Snap-On mouthpieces are hand-pressed to attach and once on, remain permanently affixed
  • Twist-On mouthpieces allow for easy screwing on and off
  • Delivers excellent flavor and a smooth vapor experience
  • Strict quality assurance paired with comprehensive safety testing
  • Universal connection, ensuring compatibility with all Oil Cartridge Batteries.

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Snap On, Twist On

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