VPM D80 Disposable

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Experience vaping redefined with our luxurious 1.0g capacity device. Dive into pure, consistent flavors powered by a 310mAh battery and a cutting-edge microporous ceramic atomizer. With ultra-compact dimensions for on-the-go moments, our device boasts intuitive inhale activation and an easy-to-use rechargeable port. Revel in the refinement of our Full Gram Disposable Oil Pen.

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  • Generous 1.0g capacity now available.
  • Powered by a 310mAh battery, delivering 3.3v.
  • Simple inhalation activation for ease of use.
  • Effortlessly rechargeable with a charge port located at the bottom.
  • Equipped with a microporous ceramic atomizer for an unadulterated flavor experience.
  • Ultra-compact design for portability.
  • Premium Full Gram Disposable Oil Pen.

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