Vessel Air

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 The Vessel Air is the one-hitter you’ve always desired. Crafted from premium smoked glass, it delivers a powerful experience. Vessel suggests pairing the Air with ground flower, and they’ve even introduced a specialized grinder (available separately) to optimize the grinding process. Designed for minimal flower consumption per hit, the Vessel Air prioritizes authentic cannabis flavor. Its semi-translucent glass offers a mesmerizing aesthetic when in use. For those in search of a sophisticated chillum with added features, the Vessel Helix is worth exploring.

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  • Dimensions: 5” in length and 0.5” in width
  • Covered by a one-year warranty from Vessel
  • Crafted from premium smoked materials
  • Capacity: 1-0.2 grams
  • Ideal for use with ground flower
  • Available in single or three-pack options
  • Perfectly paired for loading with the Vessel
  • Keep your Vessel Air safe with the Vessel Drift

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