Vessel Ember Ashtray

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Searching for a blend of style and functionality in an ashtray? The Vessel Ember ashtray is your answer. Crafted from a singular piece of concrete, the Ember offers both durability and a distinct appearance. Vessel goes a step further with their design – the bottom features a natural cork wood pad to prevent scratches. If you’re on the hunt for other distinctive ashtray choices, consider the Vessel Ash.


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  • Empty weight is 4 ounces
  • Covered by a 30-day manufacturer defect warranty from VPM
  • Dimensions approximately 2 ½ inches in width and 1 inch in height
  • Carved from a single block of concrete
  • Furnished with a protective pad at the bottom to safeguard furniture
  • Ideal for use with the Vessel Air or Helix



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