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  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 98mm (3.8in)
    • Width: 13mm (0.6in)
  • Optimal Use: Suitable for high-viscosity oils up to 110,000

Dispenser Features:

  • Compact: Simplifies storage and
  • Activation: Rotate-to-dispense
  • User Experience: Provides both sound and tactile
  • Customization: Options for branding, bespoke designs, and private

Reservoir Details:

  • Available Volumes: 0mL & 1.5mL.
  • Dosage Precision: Ensures a 25mg dose with each
  • Tip Material: Nickel-plated brass with a luer slip
  • Filling Mechanism: User-friendly top-fill
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Discover the innovation in applicator design with Klik. This product offers dual functionality, serving both concentrated applications and oral consumption needs. It’s your reliable companion for safely carrying, storing, and administering high-viscosity oils.

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