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The PS1 stands out as the first-ever dual-function vape cartridge and concentrate bubbler. This battery is designed to draw from two cartridges at once, enabling users to combine flavors or even a wax coil for a distinct vaping experience. Alternatively, if you’re in the mood for just one flavor, it’s adaptable for single cartridge use thanks to a small adapter. By plugging it into one of the inlets, you can easily switch to a single cartridge mode. With its innovative design and versatility, the PS1 is a game-changer for vape enthusiasts.

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Designed specifically for CCELL® cartridges, this battery is also compatible with most 510 thread cartridges. Here are the product details:

Activation: Button-Powered Circuitry: High-Quality Circuit Board Material: PCTG Terpene-Resistant Housing with Glass Bubbler Voltage Levels: Low (Blue) = 3.2V, Medium (White) = 3.6V, High (Red) = 4.0V Battery Strength: 1100mAh Dimensions: 58mm (L) x 37.5mm (W) x 151.1mm (H) Finish: Brushed Copper Package Contains: 2 Wax coils, USB Charger, 2 O-Rings, 1 Dummy Plug Adapter, Housing Unit, and Glass Bubbler. *Note: Cartridge is not provided.

MAINTENANCE GUIDELINES: Devices that handle oils may occasionally leak. To ensure the device functions at its best, regular cleaning is essential.

CARTRIDGE CLEANING ADVICE: Clean every 1-2 cartridge replacements or as per your usage. Utilize a Q-Tip dipped in rubbing alcohol for this.


  • Use an alcohol swab or a Q-Tip moistened with rubbing
  • Take off the o-ring, cover the openings, and shake the bubbler with rubbing
  • Next, shake it with dish soap and Dry appropriately.


  • Use an alcohol swab or a Q-Tip dipped in rubbing alcohol for
  • Avoid soaking the housing unit in rubbing
  • After cleaning with rubbing alcohol, wash with dish soap and water, then
  • STRICTLY AVOID using acetone or other Stick to rubbing alcohol for cleaning.


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